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Scottish Conservative & Unionist Students

Other British University branches with websites:
Aberdeen University | University of Wales, Aberystwyth | Bath University | Bristol University | University of Edinburgh | Exeter University | Imperial College, London | Keele University | Kent University | Liverpool University | Manchester University | Oxford University | Sheffield University | St Andrews University | Southampton University | Warwick University | University of York

Local Constituency Associations:
Edinburgh Central | Edinburgh Pentlands | Edinburgh South | Edinburgh West

Scottish Conservative MSPs: | David McLetchie (Scottish Party Leader)

Other MP/MSP/MEP sites
David Hannan MEP | Michael Portillo MP | Nigel Evans MP

Other Interesting Libertarian-Conservative websites:
UK Conservative Party | Private Conservative Party Site | Conservative Way Forward
Adam Smith Institute | Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) | Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA)
US Republican Party | Conservative Corner Home Page for a Free Britain

British Government:
City of Edinburgh Council | Scottish Executive | Scottish Parliament | UK Government Homepage Index | UK Houses of Parliament

Other political parties on the web:
Scottish Liberals | Scottish Nats | New Labour (no Scottish site that we could find!)
Socialist Worker Party | Socialist Labour Party | Scottish Socialist Party | Scottish Republican Socialist Party | Socialist Party
Communist Party of Britain | Communist Party of Great Britain | New Communist Party
Scottish Green Party | Pro Euro Conservative Party

General Politics/Elections sites:
British Politics | David Boothroyd's British Elections Site | Imperial Tories campaigning for the centre-right online | Scottish Politics (nationalist bias) | Scottish Parliamentary Elections (Scotsman newspaper)

UK Election Forecasting & Politics Program. A special version of UK-Elect v4.0, including support for the 1999 Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly elections, is now available free of charge as a beta-test release for a limited time only.

Tonygochi [Windows Desktop Toy]
Your very own Pet Prime Minister -- an outstanding package! Also available is the Clinton Apologiser.
Small quote from the Uninstalling Tony from Downing Street section of the Help file:
"The only system-legal methods (i.e. those in which the entire Tony Blair package is not terminated in a crash) require that an alternative compatible plug-in be installed at Tony's address. Unfortunately, no viable alternative packages exist at present. All other programs currently being marketed are either badly supported or critically unstable." Very amusing!

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